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Critical update released
Created February 12 2006. Last updated March 10 2006.
This article applies to all versions of NH Backup older than (but not including) (i.e. version 3.0 build 62).

Recently we discovered a malfunction in the program executable file that under specific circumstances could cause files in the backup destination folder to be wrongly deleted. We regard this to be a major program malfunction and recommend all of our costumers to upgrade immediately.

Users running version 2.9 or earlier

Please upgrade to version 3.0 by using the standard setup file. There is no need to apply the upgrade using the patcher below. Email us your name and current registration code and we will reply with a code for version 3.0. The free upgrade is a temporary offer ending at the 20th of March. After that date upgrades will have to be purchased as usual.

Users running version 3.0

Please upgrade using the automatic patcher below. We recommend you install manually only if the automatic installation fails.

  • Automatic installation (recommended)

Download and run the automatic NH Backup patcher (537 kB).

  • Manual installation

1. Download the compressed or uncompressed version of the patch file (350 kB and 1.58 MB respectively).

2. If you downloaded the compressed version, use WinZip or another program to uncompress the file to a temporary folder.

3. Make sure NH Backup is not running.

4. Move the uncompressed program file (called nhb.exe) from the temporary folder to the NH Backup's application folder (typically C:\Program files\NH Backup). Overwrite the existing file.

5. The upgraded version of NH Backup is now installed.



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