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Critical update released
- 12 Feb 2006 -

Recently we discovered a serious malfunction in the program executable file. A patch fixing the problem has been developed and we recommend all of our costumers to upgrade immediately. Please consult these instructions on how to upgrade your software.


Some new features added to the Web log interface
- 2 Jan 2006 -

Miscellaneous enhancements to the Web log site. For example: the logs now be sorted by date, client IP, backup name etc. Here is a screen shot of the new look:

Sort web logs


NH Backup 3.0 is here!!
- 25 April 2005 -

NH Backup 3.0 is finally here, with a whole range of new, exciting features:

  • Faster backups: benchmarks puts the improvements at more than 60 times faster than version 2.9!
  • Web logs: Logs of backups can be posted on a web page. Very useful for administrators, being able to verify backup results without expecting each computer at site. One-click setup.
  • Email notification: Get notified by email when your backups have ran.
  • New look: A new nice user interface. Especially the backup progress is displayed in a more useful fashion.
  • Complete history: NH Backup now keeps a complete record of all backup launches.
  • Improved filters: better possibilities to specify which files/folders to include/exclude from the backup.
  • Better schedule: scheduling is now easier to oversee and configure.

Learn more about the new version...


NH Backup 3.0 nearing release - testers wanted
- 14 March 2005 -

The development of NH Backup is proceeding nicely and has gotten to the beta testing phase. If you are interested in trying out the new version and to have a say in its design, drop me an email and I'll send you a link.


Get the newsletter!
- 5 March 2005 -

Recently I have received a number of requests for a newsletter. And so, as of today, it's possible to subscribe to the anders software newsletter. The newsletter will go out only when there is a new release (my guess is five, six times per year). Just like this site the newsletters will be ad-free and contain only info about my software. Please visit the newletter page to subscibe.


New low price
- 7 February 2005 -

I've decided to keep the special holiday discount of $14 US as the new standard price of NH Backup. The price might go up again when the new version arrives, but until then it will stay at $14.


Version 2.9 of No Hands Backup is here
- 12 December 2004 -

Password protection of backups is now possible (but with a low level of security). Improved backup compression (zip), some bug fixes, minor enhancement by popular demand and smoother installation have also been added.

Holiday discount: $14 US.

No Hands Backup 2.8 released
- 15 October 2004 -

Two new exciting features:

  • AutoRun feature enables backup sets to start automatically when flash drives, removable hard drives, MP3 players, etc. connect to the computer.
  • Smart drive recognition makes NHB recognize backup destination or source drives by their serial number or volume label - and not by their drive letter (which might be unstable for removable drives).

Read more about the new version.


No Hands Backup 2.7 re-pack
- 13 September 2004 -

Some minor language confusions in the new version prompted a re-pack of the installation package. No new features since the original 2.7 release.


No Hands Backup version 2.7 is out!
- 31 August 2004 -

Version 2.7 has been released. The program does now have multi-language capabilities. So far only one additional language is supported: Swedish. The program and the documentation has been released in Swedish, and a Swedish homepage is up and running. More languages to come, primarily French, Spanish and Polish. Translators still needed.

English speaking users are free to download version 2.7 but I don't think there will be too many new features - mainly minor GUI and stability enhancements, and a new help file.


No Hands Backup online help
- 29 August 2004 -

The documentation of NHB has been made available online. It should answer the most frequently asked questions on how to use the program. If not, support@anderssoftware is always a good source for information ;)

No Hands Backup ready for translation
- 4 August 2004 -

The code behind No Hands Backup has now been adjusted to support different languages. The actual translation however is left to do. Anyone feeling like helping out can visit the translation page or email me for further instructions. I would very much appreciate any help with this work.


Web page face lift
- 26 July 2004 -

Launched a new version of anderssoftware.com today, the third remake since the start in 2000. Mostly however I'm working on the translation of No Hands Backup. It looks like it will be finished sometime August.


Multi language support under way
- 1 June 2004 -

I'm currently working on a language database to No Hands Backup. Support for French, Spanish, Chinese and Swedish will hopefully be added sometime July or August.


NHB bug fixed
- 8 February 2004 -

A runtime 13 error in the latest build fixed. Error appeared in backup result screen, after backup was finished. Didn't affect backup results or behavior but caused program shutdown.


NHB new function: Auto dismiss result screen
- 23 January 2004 -

Added a minor function making it possible to automatically dismiss the result screen that is displayed after the backup is finished. This can be helpful if the computer is running lots of backups unattended. Also cleared up the 'Properties' dialog interface. Hope you like it; NHB 2.5, revision 8.


Emails lost - Try again!
- 15 January 2004 -

Most support emails from december and january has been lost in a system breakdown. Those of you that haven't received any reply, email me again and I'll make sure to answer. Thanks for your patience.

New functions in NHB - Timestamps
- 10 December 2003 -

Now you can have No Hands Backup create multiple backups. When a backup is run the target folder (or zip file) can be named by the current date and time. Also, the HTML log file is improved and the log file path bug is fixed.

Zip compression improved
- 16 November 2003 -

New install package for No Hands Backup. Fixes the bug that, on some machines, caused the zip compression option not to work. Then whole backup ran through but no zip archive were actually created. This has now been corrected.


NHB 2.5 is released
- 12 October 2003 -

Revision 4 is out. Schedule bug fixed, command line execution bug fixed (runtime error 91). NHB seems to be working perfectly.

- 9 October 2003 -

The new version is finally released! NHB is packed with new function and a fresh new interface. The new version includes zip compression support, scheduling, better logs and information & faster and more reliable backup. And much, much more.


NHB commercial release
- 11 September 2003 -

I've devoted spring and summer to transform No Hands Backup to a commercial software. In two to four weeks there will be a new web site and a new version of NHB, with many new powerful features. It will not be totally free, but nearly so. Stay tuned. Why no more freeware?


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