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How to buy

NH Backup is shareware: First you download it, then you evaluate it for 30 days, then you decide if you want to keep it. Keeping it (registration) is $16 US. You can buy NH Backup right away, online. The purchase only takes a couple of minutes and on completion you will receive your registration key code by email in matters of seconds.

We recommend purchase through SWREG, but if you prefer you can use the perhaps better known alternative RegNow. The prices are the same.


What do you get?

  • One license of the current NH Backup version
  • Unlimited program running time
  • Email support



If you already have a license for an earlier version of NH Backup and want to upgrade, then please include you name and registration key code in an email to us. The upgrade license is $11 US.


How many copies to buy...

Please note that you have to buy one copy for each computer you install NH Backup on. There is a discount for buying more than one copy. (See discount plan below.) Select the number that is appropriate for you in shopping basket quantity field; the discount will be automatically calculated.

1 computer
2 to 6 computers
7 or more computers
$16 US
$15 US per license
$14 US per license

For large volumes or special discount (if you for example are from a developing country or a not-for-profit organization) email support@nhbackup.com.


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