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Version history

Revision 3.0.74, Sep 27 2006: Improved NH Backup's management of system resources (some file handles were not closed properly). Fixed a code problem that could cause folders starting with a period to not be backed up properly (starting file and folder names with a period is in violation to Windows naming conventions).

Revision 3.0.71, Aug 9 2006: New installation package with a number of new additions:

  • Solved a crash in the Agent when previous instance of the program was found.
  • Created a new installation file because Setup Generator was canceled. Now using the Windows installer which is smaller and slimmer.
  • Zero length files are no longer backed up if there already is a previously backed up version of the file in the destination folder.
  • It is now possible to configure a backup set to be executed automatically when ANY removable drive connects. In earlier versions you had to define triggering drives individually:

    Trigger when any drive connect

  • Added auto-answers to 'Full Disk' prompt and 'Source/Destination Folders Missing or Invalid' prompt:


  • Fixed some typos in the splash screen (and hid the AnyTrigger context menu in the properties window).
  • Fixed problems with individually configured files not being properly in some cases.
  • Fixed problems with individually configured files' attribute not being restored if copy operation failed.

Revision 3.0.62, Feb 15 2006: A malfunction in the program executable file was removed. The malfunction could under specific circumstances cause files in the backup destination folder to be wrongly deleted. The problem occurred on some machines when copying files flagged for exclusive use by other applications. Read more.

Revision 3.0.51, May 4 2005: Adjusted so that the uninstall program can't delete program settings. Also removed the warning for illogical settings (in relations to the thin out options effect on other backup operations in same backup set). Also added rudimentary sorting in the backup operations list (Properties windows).

Version 3.0, April 25 2005:

  • Faster backups: benchmarks puts the improvements at more than 60 times faster than version 2.9!
  • Web logs: Logs of backups can be posted on a web page. Very useful for administrators, being able to verify backup results without expecting each computer at site. One-click setup.
  • Email notification: Get notified by email when your backups have ran.
  • New look: A new nice user interface. Especially the backup progress is displayed in a more useful fashion.
  • Complete history: NH Backup now keeps a complete record of all backup launches.
  • Improved filters: better possibilities to specify which files/folders to include/exclude from the backup.
  • Better schedule: scheduling is now easier to oversee and configure.

Version 2.9, December 12 2004: Added password protection of backups and improved zip support. Also addressed some requests from users and smoothened the installation process.

Revision 2.8.16, October 29 2004: Corrected a bug in the smart drive recognition routines that invalidated the backup source folder.

Revision 2.8.15, October 25 2004. All display errors fixed. Thanks to TJ & Chris for patient bug-hunting!

Revision 2.8.13, October 24 2004. Addressed some text displaying issues experienced by a few users. Most of the errors should be fixed now.

Revision 2.8.6, October 23 2004. Context sensitive help added. Thanks to Tucows for pointing it out.

Revision 2.8.4, October 20 2004. Updated help file included.

Version 2.8, released October 15 2004. AutoRun feature enables backup sets to start automatically when flash drives, removable hard drives, MP3 players, etc. connect to the computer. Smart drive recognition make NH Backup recognize backup destination or source drive by their serial number or volume label - and not by their drive letter (which might be unstable for removable drives).

Version 2.7, released August 31 2004. Support for more than one language. Version 2.5 is still available for download.

Version 2.5.9, released February 8 2004. A runtime 13 error in the latest build fixed. Error appeared in backup result screen, after backup was finished. Didn't affect backup results or behavior but caused program shutdown.

Version 2.5.8, released January 23 2004. Added a minor function making it possible to automatically dismiss the result screen that is displayed after the backup is finished. This can be helpful if the computer is running lots of backups unattended. Also cleared up the 'Properties' dialog interface.

Version 2.5.6, released December 10 2003. Now you can have NH Backup create multiple backups. When a backup is run the target folder (or zip file) can be named by the current date and time. Also, the HTML log file is improved and the log file path bug is fixed.

Version 2.5.5, released November 16 2003. New install package for NH Backup. Fixes the bug that, on some machines, caused the zip compression option not to work. Then whole backup ran through but no zip archive were actually created. This has now been corrected.

Version 2.5.4, released October 12 2003. Schedule bug fixed, command line execution bug fixed (runtime error 91).

Version 2.5, released October 5 2003. The new version includes zip support, multi-volume archives, a partially new interface, rewritten source code, and a faster and more reliable backup routine.

Version 2.0.21, released on 1 July 2002 (67 kb). Adds some features: 1) Program options are introduced, four of them so far, 2) the running backup window has been given a new look and more details, and can be shown in detailed or plain mode, 3) a how to-guide (on how to schedule) has been added and 4) to assist new users a glossary is included.

Version 2.0.20, released on 29 June 2002 (62 kb). Adds some features: 1) Backup sets can be set to start minimized, 2) property dialog of backup sets available to add easy overview, 3) startup of backup sets from within NH Backup can be made as in the current instance, or as a new one, 4) backup progress bars are more accurate and 5) main window position is remembered. This patch also involves the most extensive code restructuring since the 2.0 final (but not much of it is noticeable to the user).

Version 2.0.19, released on 19 June 2002 (55 kb). Fixes a long lived bug that caused NH Backup to crash when a root (for example 'E:\') is selected as backup destination. This error should have been corrected long ago. Also a advice dialog added when trying to run the exe file out of the application folder.

Version 2.0.18, released on 9 June 2002 (55 kb). Fixes a bug that could raise an error when backing up files from a compressed volumes. Also adds some more advanced error handling. My thanks to John Wagner for debugging.

Version 2.0.17, released on 1 June 2002 (56 kb). Now you can specify you destination and source paths without browsing to them. Can be useful when backing up to network shares.


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