Web logs

The web log feature of NHB gives you the option of having the backup logs stored online on our home page. Whenever a backup is run its log is posted online so that the administrator can view the backup results anywhere, anytime.

Using the same account you can have NHB send an email notification whenever a backup is run. The email will contain the backup log summary. Open the backup set properties dialog to activate web logs and email notification (it is set separately for each backup set).

In order to take advantage of the web log and email notification features you must install MyODBC. It is developed by MySQL, the world's most trusted database developer. It is free of change. The drive can be downloaded from http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/odbc.

If you are running NH Backup on several computers you can post all your logs on the same web page by entering the user id from another copy of NH Backup, exactly as it is displayed on that computer.