How to use the AutoRun feature

NH Backup comes with a feature that allow for backup sets to be automatically started when a removable drive is connected to the computer. This can be very useful weather you use mass storage removable hard drives or a thumb sized USB drive, or MP3 player. It can be thought of as a backup that starts without as much as a mouse click or as a simple way to keep you crucial files up to date. More info in the page on the AutoRun feature.

Follow these steps to set up the AutoRun function:

1. Create the backup set you want to be triggered by a new drive connecting.

2. In NH Backup, double on the backup set to display the Properties window. Click on the AutoRun tab:


3. The empty list box can be populated by one or more drives. By adding drives to the list you configure the backup set to be started whenever any of the drives in the list are connected.

4. Add drives to the list by clicking the 'Add drive...' button. A wizard will be displayed guiding you through the process. Towards the end, the wizard will ask you weather you want NH Backup to recognize the drive by its serial number or volume label.

Serial number recognition is to be preferred in most cases, since it is unique for any device. The downside is that not all thumb sized flash drives or MP3 player have serial numbers. If the drive you attempt to add doesn't have a valid serial number the wizard will warn you and recommend label recognition.

Volume label recognition can be useful in two types of cases. First, when the drive don't have a valid serial number, and, second, when you want the backup set to be triggered by any device that match the specified volume label. If you have two removable drives and what the connection of both to trigger the backup set then you can select label recognition, and then edit the labels of the drives to make them identical.

To change a drive's volume label, start the Windows Explorer, browse to My Computer, right click on the removable drive and select 'Rename' (or press F2).

5. To remove drives from the list, right click in the list box.

6. Save your changes to the backup set, make sure that the NH Backup Agent is running and is activated. Then re-connect your drive. The backup set will be executed automatically.