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System Requirements

There is usually no need to take these steps as most computers already have all required files installed. But NH Backup requires a number of dependency files and if you get error messages, locate your version of Windows below and follow the instructions.

Windows versions newer than Windows 95 (that is Windows 98, ME, NT, XP etc.)

If the problem remains, try to:

Windows 95

If the problem remains, try to:


If you have take the suggested steps and still can't get NH Backup to run properly try this alternative setup file (20 MB).

For particularly persistent problems this article on mcrepair.exe might be of interest, as well as the Microsoft Knowledge Base. You are also welcome to contact me at support@nhbackup.com or read more at the support page.

My thanks to Pat Winchester, Rick Glazier, AV (Prodigy) and Rick Steele for research on Windows dependency files.


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